Media: Shop Tart Blog
Date: September 9, 2009

That’s right, your favorite brew pub is serving lunch now. You know what this means? Columbia has another great place to go for lunch. And beer! Owner Kevin Varner has long been known for his brewing skills and the kitchen at Hunter Gatherer stands on its own. In fact, the Shop Tart doesn’t even drink beer (Sorry, Kevin!) and she likes to eat there. Yesterday was the first day they were open for lunch and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The weather was perfect and the babysitter had canceled so the toddler was available for company.

There are some new additions, like these umbrellas, big enough to cover a table for four so you can enjoy lunch outside no matter how harsh the sun.

And the new changing table in the bathroom makes Hunter Gatherer easier on all you mamas who are hoping the baby will sleep in her stroller through lunch only to have her awaken – in desperate need of a diaper change – right as your entree arrives. At least you won’t have to go back to the car.

The restaurant felt positively cheery. Why? Well, certain waitresses are very excited about working less evenings and there were flowers from the All-Local Market on the bar. Doesn’t Donna from Floral and Hardy Farms have the prettiest blooms?

The food, of course, is delish. For now, the menu is a shorter version of their dinner menu, including salads, sandwiches, pizza and some specials. The toddler, predictably, had the pizza. He has made a lot of progress, actually. His parents used to have to tell him everything in a restaurant was “chicken and fries.”

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