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Our Beer

Our Beer

Check out our list of handcrafted beers below. 

Image of Hunter-Gatherer Golden Ale

4.5% ABV
Its golden-honey color comes from a blend of Bohemian grown barley and wheat that is floor malted in the Czech Republic. We ferment this ale at a slightly cooler temperature to make sure it is crisp and refreshing from start to finish.

Image of Hunter-Gatherer Brewery Ye Olde Bastarde

7.5% ABV
Columbia’s first seasonal ale has kindled and warmed the spirit of craft beer lovers since 1995. This “Winter Warmer” is brewed with a classic combination of malt and hops from southern England.

Image of Hazy IPA

7% ABV
Our whirlpool is overloaded with Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, and Amarillo hops to create this New England-style IPA. The addition of hops after the boil preserves all of the hops natural juicy flavors.

Image of Hunter-Gatherer Brewery Raspberry Sour

4% ABV
Our Berliner Weiss-style beer is brewed on Fridays and sours over the weekend in our kettle. After fermentation, sweet raspberry puree is added to balance out the tartness. Seriously refreshing!

Image of Kubaba

5.0% ABV
Our first fruit-forward beer, Kubaba is a blend of a lightly hopped lager with pomegranate puree. This beer is named after Queen Kubaba, a Sumerian queen that was usually depicted holding a pomegranate-in addition, at one time she was a tavern keeper.

Image of HG StoutPLAIN X STOUT
4.25% ABV
Hunter-Gatherer’s dark Plain X Stout is made with a combination of pale malt and roasted barley in three versions: Plain X Stout, Plain XXX Stout, and Plain XXX Stout.

Image of Hunter-Gatherer Trans-Am IPA

7.25% ABV
Our Trans-Am IPA is made with hops from across America (hence the name)! We use a California yeast strain rather than our traditional English yeast used in other Hunter-Gatherer Ales. This yeast is known for it’s crisp clean flavor and accentuates hoppy beers.

Image of Hunter-Gatherer ESB

5.25% ABV
This rich and malty ESB is an amber ale that features a malty sweetness that lingers into a smooth finish. Our Extra Special Bitter recipe is based on Horndean Special Bitter from the historic Gales and Sons Brewery in England.

Image of Hunter-Gatherer Brewery Lager # 29

4.75% ABV
Pilsner, Vienna, & Munich malt from Germany are combined to create the smooth, malty flavor, and copper hue of our new lager. A blend of German & American hops is added to create a nice subtle hop finish.

Image of Hunter-Gatherer Brewery Ye Olde Bastarde with Cocoa Nibs

7.5% ABV
A fun take on Columbia’s favorite seasonal ale. This is a blend of Ye Olde Bastarde with a hint of chocolate. Brewed with Guiana Cocoa Nibs.

Image of Hunter-Gatherer Brewery Straight Up IPA

7.25% ABV
Calling all IPA lovers…This is our take on a West Coast-style IPA brewed with Cascade and Centennial hops.

Image of Hunter-Gatherer Brewery HG Sour Ale

HG SOUR # 1 
4% ABV
Try Hunter-Gatherer’s first ever sour ale! With both fruity and floral flavors, it’s a great introduction to sour beer drinking.