Free Times | by Tug Baker Jul 24, 2018

As Columbia’s longest running brewpub and now full-on brewery, Hunter-Gatherer probably makes the most well-known beer in Columbia — and Hunter-Gatherer’s ESB would be near the top of any list of beers synonymous with the city. Well, now you will be able to get that local flavor in other locations besides H-G’s brewpub or the Hangar brewery.

“We are finally able to produce consistent beer on schedule,” says Kevin Varner, H-G’s owner and head brewer — which was one of the big reasons for the move to open the secondary production facility brewery. “We are going to start selling beer in Columbia in four or five weeks.”

Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits will be doing H-G’s distribution, and you may see the beer pop up a couple places before the month is out. (Craft and Draft had some on recently.) The initial round of distributed beers hasn’t been nailed down yet, but Varner says it will likely include the ESB, Gold and a session IPA. HG also just put a brand-new beer on at the hangar location — a Fest Beer lager.